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Bryan Saulsbury voice actor, voice over talent

Bryan Saulsbury

I was always one of those kids in class getting in trouble for talking too much.  When I entered the workforce, I was at the coffee pot or water cooler socializing and getting "the look" from my boss.  Now I get paid to talk!  What could be better than that? 

I began training for my voice over career with Elaine Clark at Voice One in San Francisco, CA.  It was a big shock to me that it really was not about your voice as much as acting... taking someone else's words and making them your own.  I found out you are never done learning in this industry and now take private lessons from a variety of vocal coaches.

I guess you could say I'm very lucky to be paid to do what I love.  When I'm not behind the microphone you will find me out on the San Francisco Bay sailing with my lovely wife, Jennifer, and our dog, Barley.  We love to do anything outside, especially if it's in the water.  Barley keeps us busy with Water Trials, Obedience and Agility.

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